Final Project and Assignment (25/20)%

Dear Students of grade 11,

Here are your Project Requirements, I need you to do 2 of the following 3 things:

  • Add a Cascading Style Sheet to your website (CSS)
  • Create a blog
  • Upload your website unto (or any other domain)
        if you create a blog, add a link to it from your website.
Now for you to be able to do any of the previous requirements you should refer to the material uploaded in the Grade 11 Material post.
The project is out of 10%. Each of the requirements counts for 5 %. Doing all three will give you  a total of 15 out of 10%.
As for the HW  (the remaining 10%)
  • I need you to write ten things you have learnt in IT during the school year . Please be honest in your response and I hope you do more than reciting material, like (explain a new concept you’ve learnt or a new technology you  have dealt with or a new skill that you can now develop or master… )
  • Each point will count for a 1%
  • list all your points as a comment on my post  things I have learnt so far
If you have any questions please feel free to leave comments below, maybe others would learn from the feedback. Feel free to answer each others questions as well..
Best of Luck in all.
Miss Mary.