Term III Computer Content

Lab session 18: Submit your site by sending me a link.
Lab session 16, 17: Allow for commenting and play with gadgets.
Lab session 13, 14, & 15: Edit your website: add related images, videos, text and hyper links.
Lab session 12: Find information about your topic and structure your site (create a page for each person).
Lab session 11: signup and create a site on google and add people
Lab session 10: Intro to google sites – watch videos and Demo site creation
Lab session 8, 9: Continue timeline and/ or create an HTML website
Lab session 7: Internet and the world wide web
   Objectives: read the chapter provided. Play the game 3 facts and a fib. Summarize main points. Take a snippet of HTML BASICS
Lab session 4, 5, & 6: My second timeline
Create a timeline of a role model or a hero you have. He/she could be a soccer player, musician, TV host, a family member or a friend.  yet he/she has to be alive. Add 5 highlights(events) from his/her life. Comment on why you see him/her as a role model or a hero. Overlay his/her timeline on top of yours. Would you like to becomes like him or her someday? why?what would you do to follow in his/her footsteps? E-mail me the link to one or both of your timelines.
To give you ideas, below I added a snapshot of a timeline of my own life*.
(It has all the courses I took as an undergraduate, places I’ve worked, Places I’ve been, activities I was involved in etc. Right click and open it in a new tab for full view and then zoom. Check out the index on the right for colors & symbols.)
*It took alot to compile all that info and I presented it to my unviersity and won cultural awards. I also add it to my CV by linking to it, as making things more visual always helps…

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