Assignments for grade 11 term 1

Week One (sept 9th-sept 13th)

Intro agenda
About me
About you ( 2 facts and a fib, tell it like it is, add contacts on ipad)
About the course
Grading system

Lesson 0 in class (theoratical material)
Practical part, 2 exercises:
And view source

Assignment 1
Create, save and view Html files
Write your names in the body

Week 2 (sept 16-sept 20)
Assignment 2
create folders
Headers 1-7
Title in the head

Assignment 3
Bold, italic, underline
Break/ new line
Center text

Assignment 3
Fonts and colors

Week 3. (sept 23-sept 27)
Assignment 4
Background colors and images

Assignment 5
Add picture/moving images

Assignment 6
Add video

Week 4 (sept 30- oct 4)
Assignment 7
Add link

Assignment 8
Link to other pages in the website

Assignment 9
add widgets

Week 5 (Oct 7th – oct 11th)

Bonus material
Assignment 10

Assignment 11
Clickable buttons

Week 6 (14 oct- 18 th oct)

Work on project

Week 7 (21 oct- 24 th oct)

Computer exam

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