Resources for learning Colloquial Egyptian Arabic

about Egypt
Thawra (revolution) songs
teslam el ayadi (thanking sisi after June 2012 (2nd Revolution)
Such a famous song!
They play it even in weddings! and dance to it in protests!!

boshret kheir.  encouraging everyone to participate in the elections after the second revolution)

yob2a enta akeed fi masr..
Egyptian culture..
Older classical song
Kelma helwa w kelmtin, helwa ya baldi..
Mashrebtish men nilha
Season One- Episode one
Season one- episode two
season one-episoide three
Bernameg el bernameg
The third part-stand up comedy with wan  ho shung
second part— about medical invention
3asal esweed comedy
ahmed helmy
about an american man with Egyptian decent who visits egypt and interacts with the culture..
Tir enta
Comedy.. a man who meets a genie that keeps changing him to fulfil his dream