Grade 11 HTML websites

I want to congratulate those of you have finished their projects and uploaded it online.

Here are links to the first ones to do that:

Mariam Maaty, 11C:

Malak Amr, 11 C:

Nayer, 11 C:

Great job you guys. Looking forward to see the rest of your class mates’ projects.

The Prezi Competition for Highschool Students

Each week we will select the best Prezi from each class and the winners will have their prezis displayed here…

May the best Prezis Win!!

The winners for this week are:

Dalia Selima from 11 A

Julia Joseph from 11 B

Gina ibrahim & Nourhan Sameh from 11C prezi

Bassel Amgad from 11 D

The competition is renewed each week. You can send me the  link to your prezis by email at or as a comment to this post.

Polishing and Publishing your HTML website ( duration 2 weeks)

Stage 1 : Discover the power of cascading Style Sheets (css)

Cascading style sheets are used to add themes to the website
To understand how, visit and try different themes by clicking on different links. They are the same HTML files but different css files.

How to add a cascading style sheet to your website

  1. Open
  2. Browse css templates and download one that you like.
  3. Make sure that it is copied in the same folder as your project (the css file is beside your html files)
  4. Add this code in the head section changing only the cssfilename
  5. <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="cssfilename.css" media="screen" />
  6. Repeat steps 4  & 5 in all your html files
  7. Then open your website!

If your are lost you can check this presentation for more info

Stage 2: upload your website

The easiest way to do it is to

  1. open
  2. Signup and verify account
  3.  click on this link to enable public folder
  4. open your public folder
  5. upload your website in your public folder (all images and files)
  6. (You can download the desktop version if you want)
  7. then write click on your homepage and copy the public link

THIS is the link to your website HOLD ON TO IT and save it somewhere cos we are going to use it in stage 3!!!

Stage 3: choose your own domain name

Since the dropbox public link is too long wwe are going to create a free, easy and short domain name, here is how:

  1. Open
  2. choose your unique and free domain name
  3. then in the section forward this domain too add your public link that your domain name will point too
  4. continue registration ofcourse for 12 MONTHS!
  5. if you do not sign up you will not be able to renew it after a year, so it will last you only 1 year!


PASTE YOUR DOMAIN NAME (for example as a comment to this post. And this is how I know that you are done and have submitted your assignment!

Term 1 project: HTML Website

Requirements for the project:
1 person –> 5 pages
2 persons –> 10 pages

Homeage has to link to all other pages
Or each page links to the next page and back to the homepage

An empty page will look like


<head>                 </head>




Pages have to include the following:


<img src="imagename.extension" width="200">


open on youtube

open video file

click on SHARE

click on EMBED

Copy the code and paste it in the body


<a href=""> click here to go to google </a>


Open widget box

Choose a widget you like (about weather, number of visitors, games…)

Copy paste the code into the website

Headers (1 being the biggest , 7 the smallest)

<h1> Title 1</h1>

<h2>Title 2 </h2>

<h3> Title 3 </h3>

<h7> title 7 </h7>


In the head section write

<title> this title will appear in the toolbar </title>

Formatting (bold, italic, or underlined)

<b> this text is in bold</b>

<u> this text is underlined </u>

<i> this text is italic </i>

Fonts (colors, sizes, types)

<font size="12" color="red" face="verdana">

The font will change here


Background colors

<body bgcolor="red">


<body bgcolor="#112233">

Background image

<body background="imagename.extension">

20% on creativity and design


Grade 11 Class Rules and Grading System

Grading System and Class Rules

Grade Element Points
Final Exam 50 Points
*Assessments + Assignments 20 Points
**Performance Particpation and Behavior 10 Points
***Attendance 10 Points
Project 10 Points

Please Note:

* Late assignments get 25% off

** Performance and Behavior start at 5. Good behavior, receive bonus points. Bad behavior decreases your score.

Good Behavior  such as

  •  helping others
  • particpating in class
  • or assisting the teacher get bonus points
  • and increase the score.

Bad behavior such as:

  • eating (which is completely forbidden in the lab)
  • littering
  • being rowdy and misbehvaing

***  Attendance is worth 10 points, which is almost ½ percent off for each class missed.

You also need to be punctual and on time so 3 lates count for an absence.

Finally, no permission to leave the lab unless under extreme circumstances.

Community Service Activities– Visit II

At the end of the year the students went again to el Ghad el Moshreq school and organized a huge funday for them (amazingly student  led!). They split the children into 6 classes and had 6 sessions running in music room, art room, games in the gym and football court  and more… When put in leadership positions, our students amaze us all!