Grade 11 Class Rules and Grading System

Grading System and Class Rules

Grade Element Points
Final Exam 50 Points
*Assessments + Assignments 20 Points
**Performance Particpation and Behavior 10 Points
***Attendance 10 Points
Project 10 Points

Please Note:

* Late assignments get 25% off

** Performance and Behavior start at 5. Good behavior, receive bonus points. Bad behavior decreases your score.

Good Behavior  such as

  •  helping others
  • particpating in class
  • or assisting the teacher get bonus points
  • and increase the score.

Bad behavior such as:

  • eating (which is completely forbidden in the lab)
  • littering
  • being rowdy and misbehvaing

***  Attendance is worth 10 points, which is almost ½ percent off for each class missed.

You also need to be punctual and on time so 3 lates count for an absence.

Finally, no permission to leave the lab unless under extreme circumstances.

A Letter to Grade 6 Parents

Dear parents,

It is with great pleasure that I Introduce myself to you. I am Mary Victor, I teach your children computer. Alongside teaching, I am also doing my Master in International and Comparative Education. I am currently doing my research about how technology can be used to enhance student’s reading, writing skills and creative endeavors in storytelling.

Our grade 6 curriculum is entitled Stories on the Web

Term: Software: Objective

Term I: Blogs: to read

we shall be learning about blogs and the objective of the curriculum is to encourage students to read. Each student will create a blog and borrow a book from the library. Then each week, the student is required to read one chapter and blog about it.

I shall be sending you more details along the way. I only require your support in treating computer not as a secondary subject but a subject where it could be very beneficial to your children.  All our work will be online so I encourage you to follow our blog, be updated with your children’s progress and make sure that they do the work required. I hope that this year would be fruitful and beneficial not only in research terms, but that your children will develop along with technical skills, a love for reading and writing, a skill which I personally developed in their age.

A final note: I am also a graduate of BBC and am very excited to come back here and work with your children!

Please feel free to leave your comments and questions on my blog(website). Especially on this specific post!

You are invited to follow our blog, to receive updates by e-mail on what we are doing…(You will find the follow button on the right side of the blog)


Miss Mary Victor.

Term III Computer Content

Lab session 18: Submit your site by sending me a link.
Lab session 16, 17: Allow for commenting and play with gadgets.
Lab session 13, 14, & 15: Edit your website: add related images, videos, text and hyper links.
Lab session 12: Find information about your topic and structure your site (create a page for each person).
Lab session 11: signup and create a site on google and add people
Lab session 10: Intro to google sites – watch videos and Demo site creation
Lab session 8, 9: Continue timeline and/ or create an HTML website
Lab session 7: Internet and the world wide web
   Objectives: read the chapter provided. Play the game 3 facts and a fib. Summarize main points. Take a snippet of HTML BASICS
Lab session 4, 5, & 6: My second timeline

Term II Computer Content

Term II Content
Lab session 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 & 18: Prezi Project: The Scientific 100
Welcome Back!
Lab Session 10, 11 & 12: Know Thyself and Go to the Next Level Below

Are you still unsure about your dream job? Try solving this personality test
Discover your career options by checking your type in
know more about your personality from here
I have found this to be a veryaccurate test.  My type is INTJ.

Include in your prezi your typeone new thing you learnt about yourself and one thing you found that is true about you from your personality portarait. Then take your Prezi presentation unto the next level by practicing the points on the this 2nd sheet cheat..

Vocabulary Material For Grade 11


Vocab Activity Session 8
  • What would an adult learn from you today??
  • What are some of the freedoms and responsibilities do you wish you were granted at this age today (from your parents, school or the nation, possibly the right to vote) and that you think you would grant your own kids as they reach your age?
Vocab Activity Session 7
  • Describe the role of the internet in the revolution
  • As an Egyptian and after the Egyptian revolution, do you see yourself as part of the New Egypt? Why yes or No and how?
Vocab Activity session 6
  • write a script about a story from the literature class.
  •  Try to act it. Each students gets to have a role. Record it with smart pen and then publish the podcast.
Vocab Activity session 5
  • write ten things you are thankful for.
Vocab session 4
  • Vocab worksheet 1
Vocab Activity Session 3
  •  Reflection questions: Describe briefly the 6th sense tech to a friend.
    State  2 examples of how you yourself can use it.
  • Choose 2 volunteers for next TED.

Vocab Activity Session 2

  • Watch Steve Jobs’ inspiring commencement speech.
  • Reflection Question: What would you do if it were your last day on earth?

Vocab  Activity session 1 (New curriculum implemented)

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