Community Schools Video

Community schools started in 1992 in partnership with UNICEF and the Ministry of Education. It targeted hamlets in upper Egypt and specifically the female population. It has currently reached over 44,00 children 75% of which are girls. The cost of this seems to be less than running a normal school and the success rate is higher for 5th and 3rd graders for their average is 97 and 99 % respectively in public certification.

What do you think of this school model? What do you think can we learn or borrow from it?

Watch the following video and then leave your comments.

بدأت مدارس المجتمع في عام ١٩٩٢ في مع اليونيسيف و وزارة التربية والتعليم. استهدفت قرى في صعيد مصر وتحديدا الفتيات هناك .وصلت حاليا الى أكثر من ٤٤،٠٠ طفل ٧٥ ٪ منهم من الفتيات. تكلفة هذه المدرسة تبدو أقل من المدرسة العادية خصوصاً وأن نسبة النجاح لطلاب بها أعلى فقد حصل طلاب الصف الخامس الإبتدائي على متوسط مجموع ٩٧ ٪ وكان متوسط مجموع الصف الثالث إبتدائي ٩٩ ٪ في الشهادة العامة.
ما رأيك في مدارس المجتمع؟ في رأيك ماذا يمكننا أن نتعلم او نأخذ من هذا النموذج ؟
شاهد هذا الفيديو ثم اترك تعليقك

For more info you can refer to:

Click to access e2-EgyptCaseStudy.pdf

Click to access Our%20Voice%20-%20Video%20project%20in%20Lebanon.pdf

The Prezi Competition for Highschool Students

Each week we will select the best Prezi from each class and the winners will have their prezis displayed here…

May the best Prezis Win!!

The winners for this week are:

Dalia Selima from 11 A

Julia Joseph from 11 B

Gina ibrahim & Nourhan Sameh from 11C prezi

Bassel Amgad from 11 D

The competition is renewed each week. You can send me the  link to your prezis by email at or as a comment to this post.

Compiling Our Library Collection, A Thank You Note

On Thursday, the 13th of December a group of students were involved in the process of renovoting the library.

Early in the morning  at 8:00 am Marina Hakim and  her friend(please provide me with her name) along with teachers in the room helped in decorating the library for christmas.

Later in the day, 3 students from grade 6 B, namely Kiro Osama, Daniel, and Abdelaziz helped in organizing the frequently borrowed books and split it into 5 sections namely, arabic, easy, medium, hard and collections.

After-which, students from grade 11, namely Aya and Zeina from 11 B and Mounir and Omar el Erian from 11 C, helped in archiving all those books  by writing the books titles and info about the books in an online document. Compiling Our Library Collection

Thank you for playing a role in your school and for your efforts which are greatly appreciated.  You are a model to students in volunteering to help in one’s own community.

And to all students, There is always room to help around, just ask how, or even invent ways!!

Thank You Again.

Miss Mary.

Weebly Time plan


Week one (SITE MAP)

Session One 

Choose a topic and partner

Choose website name (and post them on the blog)

Session Two (Editors and Design)

Signup and invite partner from editors section ( add administrator)

choose theme from design
Edit all design elements (site title, paragraph title, paragraph text, links)
Edit design css and html

Session Three (PAGES)

Create pages and overall structure for the website that reflects the topic

browse online content and prepare material for next week (pictures, text and videos)



Session One  (Elements-Basic)

Write and edit text in all pages (paragraphs)

Session Two (Elements- Multimedia)

Add pictures and slideshows and galleries in all pages

Session Three (Elements- Multimedia)

Add youtube videos

Week Three (PUBLISH)



Links and Widgets


Search engine optimization

Change site address

Session Three

Publish site

Polishing and Publishing your HTML website ( duration 2 weeks)

Stage 1 : Discover the power of cascading Style Sheets (css)

Cascading style sheets are used to add themes to the website
To understand how, visit and try different themes by clicking on different links. They are the same HTML files but different css files.

How to add a cascading style sheet to your website

  1. Open
  2. Browse css templates and download one that you like.
  3. Make sure that it is copied in the same folder as your project (the css file is beside your html files)
  4. Add this code in the head section changing only the cssfilename
  5. <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="cssfilename.css" media="screen" />
  6. Repeat steps 4  & 5 in all your html files
  7. Then open your website!

If your are lost you can check this presentation for more info

Stage 2: upload your website

The easiest way to do it is to

  1. open
  2. Signup and verify account
  3.  click on this link to enable public folder
  4. open your public folder
  5. upload your website in your public folder (all images and files)
  6. (You can download the desktop version if you want)
  7. then write click on your homepage and copy the public link

THIS is the link to your website HOLD ON TO IT and save it somewhere cos we are going to use it in stage 3!!!

Stage 3: choose your own domain name

Since the dropbox public link is too long wwe are going to create a free, easy and short domain name, here is how:

  1. Open
  2. choose your unique and free domain name
  3. then in the section forward this domain too add your public link that your domain name will point too
  4. continue registration ofcourse for 12 MONTHS!
  5. if you do not sign up you will not be able to renew it after a year, so it will last you only 1 year!


PASTE YOUR DOMAIN NAME (for example as a comment to this post. And this is how I know that you are done and have submitted your assignment!

Term 1 project: HTML Website

Requirements for the project:
1 person –> 5 pages
2 persons –> 10 pages

Homeage has to link to all other pages
Or each page links to the next page and back to the homepage

An empty page will look like


<head>                 </head>




Pages have to include the following:


<img src="imagename.extension" width="200">


open on youtube

open video file

click on SHARE

click on EMBED

Copy the code and paste it in the body


<a href=""> click here to go to google </a>


Open widget box

Choose a widget you like (about weather, number of visitors, games…)

Copy paste the code into the website

Headers (1 being the biggest , 7 the smallest)

<h1> Title 1</h1>

<h2>Title 2 </h2>

<h3> Title 3 </h3>

<h7> title 7 </h7>


In the head section write

<title> this title will appear in the toolbar </title>

Formatting (bold, italic, or underlined)

<b> this text is in bold</b>

<u> this text is underlined </u>

<i> this text is italic </i>

Fonts (colors, sizes, types)

<font size="12" color="red" face="verdana">

The font will change here


Background colors

<body bgcolor="red">


<body bgcolor="#112233">

Background image

<body background="imagename.extension">

20% on creativity and design