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Community schools started in 1992 in partnership with UNICEF and the Ministry of Education. It targeted hamlets in upper Egypt and specifically the female population. It has currently reached over 44,00 children 75% of which are girls. The cost of this seems to be less than running a normal school and the success rate is higher for 5th and 3rd graders for their average is 97 and 99 % respectively in public certification.

What do you think of this school model? What do you think can we learn or borrow from it?

Watch the following video and then leave your comments.

بدأت مدارس المجتمع في عام ١٩٩٢ في مع اليونيسيف و وزارة التربية والتعليم. استهدفت قرى في صعيد مصر وتحديدا الفتيات هناك .وصلت حاليا الى أكثر من ٤٤،٠٠ طفل ٧٥ ٪ منهم من الفتيات. تكلفة هذه المدرسة تبدو أقل من المدرسة العادية خصوصاً وأن نسبة النجاح لطلاب بها أعلى فقد حصل طلاب الصف الخامس الإبتدائي على متوسط مجموع ٩٧ ٪ وكان متوسط مجموع الصف الثالث إبتدائي ٩٩ ٪ في الشهادة العامة.
ما رأيك في مدارس المجتمع؟ في رأيك ماذا يمكننا أن نتعلم او نأخذ من هذا النموذج ؟
شاهد هذا الفيديو ثم اترك تعليقك

For more info you can refer to:

Click to access e2-EgyptCaseStudy.pdf

Click to access Our%20Voice%20-%20Video%20project%20in%20Lebanon.pdf

One thought on “Community Schools Video

  1. I think this students need to know general knowledge first before they start learning i mean the best age to start is from 7 years old at this countries in the summer , seasons, they no information about anything in their life’s. look at film Ramadan Mabrouk Abou El Alameen Hamoda you will find that the students who leaves in the main country is very different from the students who lives in upper Egypt .

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