About the Website

I maintained this teaching website as a K-12 teacher in private schools in Egypt. Most of my work was with grade 11 students but I also taught grades 3, 4, 6 and 9. I really enjoyed my work with students in those schools. I was mainly an IT teacher which built on my background in computer science as well as my Master in international and comparative education. The students learnt how to develop and design websites using HTML and CSS as well as a variety of Web 2.0 tools (such as WordPress, Google Apps, Animoto, Popplet, Story bird, Weebly, wix, Prezi, Wikis and more), This website contains educational posts on a variety of digital media tools that we have utilized. It also showcases a variety of the students' work.

For my work as an instructor for educators please refer to this website.

Thank you.

Mary Victor Kostandy

Compiling Our Library Collection, A Thank You Note

On Thursday, the 13th of December a group of students were involved in the process of renovoting the library.

Early in the morning  at 8:00 am Marina Hakim and  her friend(please provide me with her name) along with teachers in the room helped in decorating the library for christmas.

Later in the day, 3 students from grade 6 B, namely Kiro Osama, Daniel, and Abdelaziz helped in organizing the frequently borrowed books and split it into 5 sections namely, arabic, easy, medium, hard and collections.

After-which, students from grade 11, namely Aya and Zeina from 11 B and Mounir and Omar el Erian from 11 C, helped in archiving all those books  by writing the books titles and info about the books in an online document. Compiling Our Library Collection

Thank you for playing a role in your school and for your efforts which are greatly appreciated.  You are a model to students in volunteering to help in one’s own community.

And to all students, There is always room to help around, just ask how, or even invent ways!!

Thank You Again.

Miss Mary.

Assignments for grade 11 term 1

Week One (sept 9th-sept 13th)

Intro agenda
About me
About you ( 2 facts and a fib, tell it like it is, add contacts on ipad)
About the course
Grading system

Lesson 0 in class (theoratical material)
Practical part, 2 exercises:
Ping yahoo.com
And view source

Assignment 1
Create, save and view Html files
Write your names in the body

Week 2 (sept 16-sept 20)
Assignment 2
create folders
Headers 1-7
Title in the head

Assignment 3
Bold, italic, underline
Break/ new line
Center text

Assignment 3
Fonts and colors

Week 3. (sept 23-sept 27)
Assignment 4
Background colors and images

Assignment 5
Add picture/moving images

Assignment 6
Add video

Week 4 (sept 30- oct 4)
Assignment 7
Add link

Assignment 8
Link to other pages in the website

Assignment 9
add widgets

Week 5 (Oct 7th – oct 11th)

Bonus material
Assignment 10

Assignment 11
Clickable buttons

Week 6 (14 oct- 18 th oct)

Work on project

Week 7 (21 oct- 24 th oct)

Computer exam

Mrs. Magy

Today I met my school teacher. She taught me how to create a website when I was 13! I had enjoyed it thoroughly and decided to enter the track of  computer science. Years later, ironically, I discovered how passionate I am about teaching and am now helping students create thier own websites..

Mrs. Magda, I’m indebted to you.